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I want to welcome you to my campaign website and to thank you for coming.  On this site we will show you what we are doing in Congress, our plans for the future and your response to our questions about what you would like for us to be accomplishing.  We are open to your constructive comments and suggestions. 

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Last Saturday was a perfect day for the big BBQ --- clear, sunny and breezy--- when Congresswoman Aumua Amata kicked off her re-election campaign with a BBQ event that was broadcast live throughout the Territory.  The turnout was fantastic and everyone enjoyed the fun and festivities.  View pictures

Chef Gemini Veavea of Leone worked through the night preparing the food which was then cooked "right before our eyes" at Su'iga'ula Park in Utulei.  It was a delight to have freshly cooked food and to watch a real chef prepare it.

Our Beloved People of Tutuila, Ofu, Olosega, Ta'u, Aunu'u and Olosega Mamao:
Time has passed so quickly and already the time for re-commitment is upon us. Continuity for things done in the name of bettering American Samoa is what motivates me most.

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